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Summer Social Club

This is our answer to free & cheap sustainable foodie social fun. Everyone proclaimed how difficult it would be to fill classes all summer because everyone leaves NYC for the season. They way we figure, with 11 million people and rising, there have got to be a few that stay behind! For those of us who do stay, we are offering the ultimate summer deal that will not only keep your pocketbook from draining but fill your social calendar up with exactly the kinds of foodie activities you like to do! In addition to offering our normal, super fun and educational culinary classes with an emphasis on sustainable, local, seasonal and organic food, we are launching the Ger-Nis Summer Social Club! The Social Club is a place where the staff at Ger-Nis transforms your foodie meet-up dreams into reality! The Ger-Nis staff has arranged fun, cheap and mostly free or discounted outings to do throughout the summer that bring in a whole slew of like-minded fellow foodies absorbing the beauty of the city that we chose to stay in this summer! The Social Club is a sure fire way to an explosively cheap and socially rewarding summer! So check out our Summer Social Club Calendar and see what exciting opportunities await you when it comes to Sustainable Social Bliss!